Miracle Slavia Prague 4-3 to Sevilla, after he went under 3-2 in extra time. THE JOURNAL VIDEO TV Emanuele  Cato @ CatoneEmanuele

July 25, 2017 – Milan’s training, even intensive, does not cause problems to a healthy heart. Risks occurring in the presence of heart disease: in this case, the effort can bring out and even aggravate the disease with serious problems. Here are three red flags explained by Dr.

Dello Russo Antonio Monzino Cardiology Center in Milan: situations that output during cycling should make us suspicious. When these symptoms occur, you should stop and take as soon as a cardiology visit. high and irregular frequencies, the heart sank feeling symptoms are not to be underestimated 1) HIGH FREQUENCY AND UNEVEN – excessively high frequencies, for example 170-180 per minute, low-intensity training is an indication of a problem.

Just as the sharp increases in frequency, 180-190 beats, for those accustomed to 110-130 beats. Even higher frequencies and irregular – pass for example from 130 to 200 beats in a few seconds – are pathological. The cyclist may notice these irregularities by using a heart rate monitor. In the market there are many types, from classical online bookmaker review band with electrodes to be worn at chest height, to watches that measure the frequency directly from the wrist.

2) DIP IN THE HEART – Even beats sensations more or missing beats, like the classic heart sank, though frequently occur are red flags. In these cases it is advisable to consult your cardiologist. Ten, twenty, “ectopic” (so called abnormal heartbeats) in the 24 hours are normal, and a sinking heart can return back to normal. But if it happens more often it can be a sign of something wrong.

There are also extrasystoles that are heard, but only seen with electrocardiogram. This requires more in-depth visit before making efforts. 3) OTHER ALARM BELLS – Finally, other feelings must be taken into account when you are cycling: – Breathlessness even for minor efforts. – Sensation of gasp. – Chest pain oppressive type and radiating to the neck. – Feeling sick with nausea and vomiting. – Feeling faint (fainting) or outright loss of consciousness for mild exercises, that routine efforts. Mattia Bazzoni

March 14, 2019 – Milan Luciano Spalletti. Ansa “We lost the balance right away, we were nervous, we lost the distances.” Spalletti sums up the bad performance of his Inter, Europe League exit to Eintracht hand: “It was a difficult game, we never found the team distances. We immediately made confusion in going to force played no team but were individual.

The early goal made us nervous. ” EXPECTATIONS – The impression, once again, it was the Nerazzurri players felt the pressure of San Siro: “The expectations are many, you want to quickly switch to the winning team, but the chances are slim. The important victories go for balance, we had to keep it tied up to a quarter of an hour remaining and then tried to pass, instead we went straight into confusion with plays that were not team but isolated attempt to solve the game ” . Inter-Eintracht 0-1: the images of the defeat Inter KEITA – Spalletti was certainly not helped by the emergency that hit the Nerazzurri rose.

But the coach does mea culpa on the choice of replication in the field Keita to return from injury: “The choice of Keita was a bit ‘reckless, it was my fault. There were many games where you left off, he missed the garra by game. ” Now comes the derby: there is fear? “They beat us or you play football? There is no fear. We have to regain more confidence but that is automatic: from tonight you think back to the game and recognize that they were not so capable of balanced reading “THE JOURNAL VIDEO TV Gasport

January 3, 2019 – Milan Nicholas Gurney, 21, midfielder of Cagliari. LaPresse 2018 had started with a contract renewal; at the halfway mark of the year he had reached the marriage; in October, the first blue jersey twelve months reaffirmed ties, important steps, growth. The 2019 starts with prospects for change.

Nicholas Gurney is clearly ready for the big jump, the one that could bring his young family to land “in the continent.” The Cagliari Currency stretcher 50 million. The figure is important, but does not scare suitors. So who started the sprint: in the front row, in Italy, there are Inter and Napoli. The Sardinian club is open to “mixed” solutions: not only cash, but also bargaining chips, provided they are compatible with the technical design and economic standards.

The first offer came from Naples: 20 million more Ounas and Rog. Giulini took notice, the offer is interesting but not yet satisfactory. raises – Stretcher, although tempted by a place like Naples and the ability to work with a coach like Ancelotti, would remain on hold for probable raises. Whose?

Inter, in the first place. The Nerazzurri will sit at the table early, playing his cards to insert in pink a heavy reinforcement in midfield, rated as the most “short field” and “needy.” To make a purchase of this size, however, also exceeded the Financial Fair Play stakes (as will happen in the spring) Inter will need to cash: give up a big (provided it is not Icardi) is no longer taboo, but is considered a necessary step to reinforce further. And especially not to miss opportunities.

Because the train Stretcher, left from Cagliari, could take other roads and do not wipe more. The greatest danger remains that English: Manchester United and Arsenal followed for some time the blue, other big Premier are the window. Calciomarket: Precious Guild and talk about Romero.

AC Milan tip Stefano Sensi stimuli and ambitions – The Rossoblu midfielder spoke, including market, speaking of ‘La Nuova Sardegna’: “The rumors about my future are a stimulus, because if there are companies involved means I’m doing well my job. in this world no one gives you anything, you have to conquer everything. I do not look at the money, which, however, are used, but if in the future I will change the team will not be for money: I’ll do it for ambition, because a player wants to win trophies and play in major events “. READ THE FULL ARTICLE ON JOURNAL OUT NOW TODAY Valerio Clari

December 22, 2018 – Naples Guillermo Barros Schelotto and Agustin Almendra AFP Napoli are treating Agustin Almendra, born in 2000, midfielder Boca Juniors. The operation is nearing completion, in practice should miss only the signature. The Argentine club had asked for 20 million Euros to yield the captain of the National Under-21, but the proposal Napoli did not go beyond the 15 million euro, including bonuses.

It remains only to be seen whether Cristiano Guintoli will take him to Naples as early as January or get it in June, when it will schedule the next season. Mimmo Malfitano

February 26, 2019 – FirenzeInter, Marotta: “Penalty Var in Florence? Irreparable damage” The last trophy, just the Italian, Cup arrived in June 2001. It was another Fiorentina, to a step from the abyss in which sank shortly after . “At the top there is the desire to go all the way in the competition – said Pioli – certainly have the same thought the other three remaining teams. We know we meet a very strong team which will fight on equal terms.

We want to try at home to take advantage in the second leg. it will face two teams that link on the pace and intensity, then you can not go a thousand per hour for ninety minutes and in those situations we have to know how to read the race. then we are not made for too many calculations, but built to play our game and try not to suffer it. Here is an incredible setting, the stadium will be with us and we will be spurred through, we’ll try to give satisfaction to our people “. ATALANTA – “Yesterday we were tired after Sunday night’s race, but I think the motivation and the importance of the race will allow us to make up for the little physical recovery.

We will be ready to face this challenge. They mark many goals, but lately are undergoing some network more than ever before. the return in two months? things will be very different, tomorrow we will have important absences (Pezzella all) and maybe to return to have them. Anything can happen in this a long time, the calendar is this and stop, we do not think. the Atalanta has three strong offensive players and the numbers prove it, even though we have so much “quality and speed.